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Monday, May 19, 2008

Another Day...Another Sartorial Surprise

To quote Jen Lancaster, my absolute favorite author ever... I <3 You Target.

I went grocery shopping with a couple of the kids this morning and of course found myself trailing up and down the aisles, making my grocery list as I went. I've been particularly lazy lately about going to the grocery store, mostly because I'm so tired and ravenous when I get out of work that I just want to go home and start eating and not stop until I hit table. But also because I'm next to broke and the IGA near my house is about $2 more expensive per item than every other store in civilized America. So this afternoon I stopped at Target to pick up a stapler, staples, and a scotch tape dispenser. $100 later...

While searching for Zone Bars, I discovered that our Target is a "super" Target. Not only do they carry things like the aforementioned stapler and tape dispenser, but they also carry aisles upon aisles of food. For cheap, yo. By the time it was all said and done I was waxing poetic on the phone with my mother about the beauty of being able to find pre-sliced roast beef for only $2.09.

Of course, being that it was Monday, someone decided to put crack in the Cheerios because the kids were INSANE today. During morning meeting the kids had to discuss what they did over the weekend which, I've discovered after only 4 days is absolutely hilarious. One of the kids was discussing his trip to Chuck E. Cheese where, as one of the IA's (Instructional Assistants) pointed out, there wasn't actually any pizza involved, but there were plenty of games and the kids actually got to meet Chuck E. himself. The child who was reading his missive on the wonders of Chuck E. Cheese's establishment then remarked that Chuck E. is actually a giant rat. What was the response from one of the other students?

"Don't you talk about Chuck E. like that..."

Very shortly after, I realized that one of my students had been out of the room for an extraordinary amount of time. We've just reinstituted the use of hall passes so that we can keep better track of where the kids are and should be so I knew this kiddo was supposed to be in the restroom. Before I could even make it to the doorway I heard, "Get down on the ground! GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!"

Did I mention that this is the same little boy who has the cop fixation? He had thrown his hall pass on the floor and was in the process of arresting it. Apparently for disorderly conduct.

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