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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Think I'm Fully Asleep...

This morning we all sat around the big table in the middle of the classroom looking like we'd each taken a handfull of horse tranquilizers. Yesterday was such an interminably long day that when I pulled into the parking lot today, I felt like I never even left. Plus I hit the curb on my way in. Sleeping behind the wheel obviously.

The day began yesterday with one of the kids having a tantrum that rivalled Hurricane Katrina, pulling down the blinds, turning over chairs, and eventually dropping trou. The next kid to have a meltdown kicked me square in the face. And just in case that wasn't nearly enough excitement, Tropical Storm Girl spit in my face and pulled my hair. And not just a dainty little yank either. She had a two fisted grab that would have made Tarzan proud.

Needless to say I was frustrated when I walked back into the classroom and started venting about how I had to put my foot down in some of these situations before I lost my mind. One little boy, who was lost in his own world inside his enormous hooded sweatshirt pipes up and says, "Mmhmm. You lay the smackdown."

Of course I burst out laughing and I said, "You know what sir? I love you. You're hilarious."

He replies, "Mmhmm. But only as a friend." Gotta keep those professional boundaries you know.

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