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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Painting the Barn

The older I get the more it seems that putting on makeup in the morning has become less of a part of a routine and more of a process similar to creating a mixed media piece of art. I find myself mixing liquid and cream shadows, wetting powdered shadows to make them brighter, powedering over powder with a touch of brightener and a little more powder. It occasionally surprises me that the theme song from the Maybelline commercials doesn't start playing out of my shower while Queen Latifah waxes poetic about the perfect shade of mascara (Clarins black with Lancome Black Onyx for a touch of glitter thank you very much). So now I'm radiant and smell like flowers with a hint of vanilla cookie mixed in for good measure. I guess I'm definitely ready to go photograph some dirty stinky buildings and probably get stung by a bee. Of course, I'll look great in my mug shot after I get arrested for trespassing.

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