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Monday, May 12, 2008

You Are Hitherto BANISHED!

I have now officially relegated every piece of black clothing I own to a trash back in my living/storage room and I have to say, I feel

Ok, to rewind and explain...since last November I have been forced to wear black all day everyday to work at Macy's. As my mother said to me, "It's as if you're being made to go to the most fashion conscious funeral every day." Tell me about it.

So in honor of starting a new job, I cleaned every piece of black out of my closet, drawers, and off my floor and swept it all into a bag UNFOLDED. Take that black wardrobe.

So today was Day 1 of "I No Longer Work for Satan's Playground Retail Stores" and let me tell you, even though I had to drive all the way out to Worcester to sit in a basement and re-learn all the CPI stuff I learned at the Darkside, it was SO worth it. Let me just tell you why...

First off, I got a message yesterday that I had already been replaced at my store. It seems my sniveling little troll of a store manager had a feeling I was planning to cut and run so he started interviewing candidates for my position ages ago. I believe I may have to pay this poor woman a visit and warn her that if she has any shred of self preservation or self esteem she'll bail now, no questions asked. Unless she's fond of being told regularly that she sucks at her job and dresses badly. Hey, I didn't get the job because I have good fashion sense! Oh wait, yeah I did. Scratch that...

It was just great to spend a day talking about something other than that fabulously cute skirt or how green is the new pink. It so is NOT!

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