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Monday, June 9, 2008

Half Day...Felt Like a Full One

Days like today certainly challenge my feelings about my profession. I came in half way through the day because I had a morning meeting and I returned to absolute chaos. Kids in time out, kids causing mayhem, kids ripping the classroom apart. The casualties at the end of the day wound up being a container of markers, the woodwork, and my cell phone. Yes, my cell phone. Apparently when you spike a cell phone on the tile floor it doesn't like it. In fact it explodes into a million tiny pieces. Who knew?

I called Vinnie today just to vent. He understands what I'm going through because we faced a lot of the same challenges at the Dark Side. Only then, we did it with an average class size of 12 instead of 4, and it took us months to build a full staff of reliable teaching assistants. Most days were an uphill battle there too and we did it with fewer resources, uphill, in the snow. This shouldn't really be this much of a challenge and yet it is.

Is it my team? Is it me? Is it simply an impossible group of kids? Is it all three? My frustration tolerance is now non-existant and I can't figure out how to rell it back in before I wind up ripping someone's head off for something as simple as not remembering to make copies!

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