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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In Omnia Paratus

Today proved a test to my personal slogan of "In omnia paratus"- ready for anything. We moved the kids into our new classroom today which has been a cause for great anxiety over the last few weeks while we awaited moving day. However, moving day was also accompanied by some classroom rearranging in which we essentially ended up with four hornets trapped in a jar.

The day started with me running around like a crazy person, preparing for a meeting that never even materialized thanks to the utter stupidity perpetrated by a school system that shall remain nameless. For the second time in two weeks I had to put aside my ability to problem solve with a difficult student because some idiot with a college degree couldn't be bothered to show up.

First to explode was the one I predicted would go first. I said the word "math" and apparently he got that mixed up with the word "kill". By the time it was all said and done, he had pitched a fit, spiked a container of yogurt, gotten naked, and essentially destroyed my pretty new classroom. Not to mention the bruises and bleeding my staff collected throughout multiple tantrums on the floor.

The second to go was the new addition to our classroom who got great enjoyment in joining the first kid in getting nekked and tearing the place to bits. Thankfully my little policeman wanna be was out of the room all day or else the place would have been trashed AND I would have had the theme to "COPS" stuck in my head.

It all culminated with me sitting in a time out room blubbering like a 2 year old. Why? Because I had poop thrown at me. Lots of squishy, icky poop. Then I got yelled at for trying to run away from a child who was trying to choke me senseless.

So...the quote from today? "Kiss my half black ass and my half white ass."

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