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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have to say the most difficult part of having some time off before school starts again is finding things to entertain me. As of right now I have posted about 3,456,745,665,324,001 photos on my photo blog, read every magazine in my house TWICE, texted everyone I know for no apparent reason whatsoever, and applied for a mortgage. I'm now listening to Dressed to Kill (yet again), looking up flights to Russia, and watching my cat have a kitty dream.

So I have to pose a question since I also filtered through my online scholarship inbox... Does anyone care about the US anymore or is it all about international whatever-it-is? There no longer seem to be any essay topics to do with our own country, nor does Associated Content have any calls for content having to do with anything stateside. It's unbelievable. And what's more is I had to ask someone else what the hell nuclear proliferation was. Yes, sad I know. And they say I'm smart...

I signed the contract for my new job today by the way. I also got up the guts to go online and get my credit score so I could decide whether or not it was worth looking at houses tomorrow and honestly, I think there are convicts who have committed fraud and filed for bankruptcy multiple times who have a better credit rating than I do. Impressive, eh? I thought so. At this rate, I'll be sleeping behind the dumpster at the Middle School. But at least I'll be able to make it pretty...

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