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Sunday, September 7, 2008

She's Dibbling a Couple of Kids Across the Hall....

Week two of the job successfully completed! The crowning achievement was receiving a paycheck after two months of living off of frosting and Ramen noodles. Of course, after paying rent and all the bills that have been piling up, I have a whopping $66.60 left in my checking account. Obviously, in fulfillment of the prophecy that the world will soon burst into flames. Anyway, the kids are great, being that they're actually normal. They all work hard but still like to goof around which makes the day go by so much faster, even when I find myself reteaching a concept. I can suddenly see 5 or 6 years flying by at this place.

Other than that, life is pretty slow lately. I have a new cat named Riley who is as dumb as a bag of rocks but has definitely livened up my apartment. For some reason he has a fascination with water and I frequently find him perched in the kitchen sink or sticking his head in the shower. It's cute and all, but he's developed this bad habit of going for a swim in the toilet. I don't think he ends up in there on purpose. I'm fairly certain he hops up there, intending to simply drink out of it, but he's such a chubber that his fat causes excess momentum and he takes a header into the can. And it's funny. Until he crawls into my lap and I realize he's soggy. He also likes to crawl between the comforter and the blankets on my bed and tunnel his way around. He's an odd creature but I never get the normal animals. Brain damage seems to come as a package deal with my pets. But at least he fits in...

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