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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Bites...And So Do I

The damage count from Hurricane Riley? One fish, one fish bowl, one Martha Stewart Glass, one glass picture frame, one lamp shade.

My version of payback? Riley's Halloween hat of purple horns. Doesn't he look happy? Just call him "LuciFUR" from now on.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When Riley Attacks

Hello My Name is Riley and I'm an Addict...

A few weekends ago I went home to visit my parents and forgot to close my bedroom door which was apparently a bad idea. I came home to find my trash can knocked over which is unusual because dumpster diving is one activity that Riley never indulges in, but then I realized that there was catnip scattered around the edge of the trash can and the bag was missing from my night stand. Oops. Of course I looked everywhere and there was no sign of the bag. Now fast forward to five minutes ago- I'm in the kitchen heating up Chinese food and when I come back in my room, Riley is rolling around on the floor. Rolling around in a giant MOUNTAIN of catnip. Then he got up on the bed, ran around a little so the bed was good and covered, then climbed into the laundry basket where he is now sitting, completely coked out of his mind. Do they have Narcotics Anonymous for cats?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

RIP Monroe

@#*$ing cat killed my fish! That's right. Riley killed my fish. I came home after a less than relaxing weekend at my parents' house and was right in the middle of saying, "Let's see what kind of trouble you got in..." when I looked up and saw all the decorative rocks from Monroe's bowl scattered across the kitchen floor. Then I looked up to the counter and saw that, not only was the fishbowl in a million pieces, but Riley had also managed to take out one of my Martha Stewart drinking glasses at the same time. I ran to the sink where the majority of the fallout seemed to have landed and found my fish, dead, stiff as a board in the drain. @#*$ing cat...