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Friday, January 2, 2009

Two for the price of one...

May 2006

So tomorrow I'm being observed by the Department of Education. Did I mention that my lesson plans are blank as of tomorrow? The book I planned on finishing with the little dears has conveniently disappeared from the classroom, never to be seen again. I assume one of the evil geniuses remembered me saying I had special ordered the book and figured if the book vanishes, there's no way we can finish it any time soon. Well, I've got news for them. We'll just start another book and I'll make twice as many worksheets to go with this one. They'll never be able to get out from under the amount of work I'm going to use to bury them.


The best part about this was that I managed to find the book a few days later. One of the kids had taken the keys to my cabinets and locked ALL of my books in the cabinet where I kept the art supplies. Good call guys.


August 2006

Nothing really interesting happened today. No, yesterday was the day where I got a really good chuckle after resisting the urge to bitch slap a fellow teacher. See, we took a few kids to the animal shelter to visit the cute little kitties and doggies. One of the kids picked up a kitten who I quickly discovered had no eyes (eek) so I asked him if I could hold the kitten and proceeded to make my way back to its cage, trying desperately to make it there before the kids noticed. Of course, my colleague, a tiny little British woman who I am convinced drinks on the job, yells (imagine the accent), "Oh my God love! It's got no eyes! Children it's a blind little kitty!" And she proceeds to cry. Then she spots a young couple looking at the blind kitty's brother and, sobbing, convinces the couple to take both the brother, the sister, AND the poor blind kitty. Needless to say the couple looked slightly dumbfounded when they left with not one, but three cats. One of whom qualified for a handicapped parking space and a little red and white cane.


A quick update- this particular teacher finally did get the old heave ho when administration finally realized that all she ever did was wander the halls with one or two of her kids telling everyone what angels they are while the two kids made faces at her or kicked each other.

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