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Monday, March 9, 2009

Running with Scissors

And no, I'm not referring to the book by Augusten Burroughs. Though I have to say I got a kick out of it. I'm referring to what I feel like doing today at work. After beautiful temperatures last week (thank God since I had decided to use my personal days) it has decided to once again dump snow on my region. I live in what's referred to as the "Snow Belt" of Central Massachusetts but I've taken to referring to it as the "Apocalyptic Weather Zone". I check the Weather and instead of saying "Winter Storm Warning" it just says "KATE, GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE!" I exaggerate but that's how I feel lately.

Thanks to the weather, my usual 45 minute commute turned into an hour and a half. Then, when I finally got to work, my shoes were wet and guess what I did? That's right folks. Took a spill right in the middle of the hallway. So with a big finish and jazz hands, I got back up and finally made it upstairs to find that my assistant is out sick. Again. *Sigh*

The kids are continuing to drop like flies with all kinds of mystery ailments that seem to cause everything from fevers, to coughs, to symptoms of not completing their homework. The no homework issue seems to have become an epidemic in the 6th grade and some of the teachers have started handing out detentions. However, the kids can't even be bothered to take their detention slips home and have them signed. It seems like nothing fazes them whatsoever and they have no motivation towards their school work. It makes me want to scream when they flood into my room in the morning, freaking out that they didn't finish their homework, giving me the lame, generalized excuse of, "I didn't get it." Seriously? You were supposed to color in some squares and you didn't "get it"? You mean you were up all night playing Mario Kart.....


  1. That sounds like something that happened here just last week! A map assignment was supposed to make it home, get filled in and then colored. "Hey kid, ya got any homework?"

    "No mom, finished it all in school! Can I play on the computer."

    "Yeah, seeing as you have no homework, go ahead."

    Bedtime that night...

    "Mom, I've got to get this done, can I stay up late to do it?"

    "No, if it's that important, you can get up early and do it. No staying up late so you can catch the rest of American Idol. Nice try though!"

  2. Art Teachers run with scissors, although it's not recommended ;-)

  3. I thought it was ok as long as it was the round, safety ones??