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Friday, April 17, 2009

Contract Negotiations

Even though I no longer have a job in my school system, I went to the teacher union meeting to vote on the contract for next year. Unfortunately for the remaining teachers, the news wasn't good. Between pay cuts and increases in insurance costs these poor teachers are basically screwed for the next year and possibly for years after.

So my general question is, how can our govenment allow our teachers to be continually treated this way? We are the ones who produce the next president of the country, the next American Idol, the next great actor. How is it that we keep getting the shit end of the stick, wondering if we will be able to survive from day to day? Where is our million dollar bonus and company car? And the toughest one to swallow: Where is our respect?

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  1. Better yet, ask where your lobbyists are. They're the ones who shift money to and fro in this country.

    It's a sick cycle: parents and the board see that many teachers just don't give a shit, and teachers just don't give a shit because the parents and the board won't pay them what they're due. And perhaps the biggest losers in this scenario, are not the teachers, but the kids being taught. They are caught in the crossfire of the sometimes not-so-silent war between the parents and teachers.