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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feeling self satisfied!

Not too long ago I managed to find a few of my former DarkSide kids on MySpace, most importantly Nick. He's been keeping me up to date on how he's doing and whatnot and now... drum roll please... he's being discharged from treatment in June.

Now, I rarely get much recognition for what I do for these kids or what I give them on a regular basis but Nick told me today that he plans on getting his own place, finishing school at the Dark Side... and he's applying to college.

He told me he wouldn't be the kid he is today if it hadn't been for me, his favorite teacher of all time because I had the patience to get to know him and teach him things he actually enjoyed. So, after 10 years of teaching, I'm seeing my first little bird leave the nest and test his wings. Stay tuned to see if my little fledgling gets himself into a good school! I have a feeling there's a 4 year degree in this kid's future pretty soon! And to quote the book I'm reading right now, "I'm chuffed as a rat."


  1. like Ive mentioned before, you find something in your life and experience it without a second thought yet years later you find it has tasted time in a whole different way, painting a fuller picture.

    buzz buzz

  2. It's nice to get that recognition, isn't it? You know that all the kids leave the classroom a little smarter and have taken something from the class (no I don't mean stealing :D), but they don't let the teacher know that what they learned meant anything to them, BUT when they do, OH MY!