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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mass Health

The notion of free health care for those of us who are say, unexpectedly unemployed, those of us who find ourselves fallen on hard times, is one that I can staunchly and wholeheartedly support as well as appreciate. However, it must be nice to get free health care on the state's dime and still be able to afford your Dolce and Gabbana (definitely real) sunglasses.

I went down to the city office of Mass Health with my other half today to keep him company while he waited to file for health benefits as we are now both out of work. He's a mechanic and right now, with people selling their cars or simply taking them off the road, he's generally screwed. However, he still needs to have regular health care. So we sat in that office for about 45 minutes while I marvelled at the individuals coming in for benefits.

The first woman to come in after us was a very thin blond woman. I'm fairly certain she was caucasian though it was difficult to tell behind all the jail house tattoos. She was complaining loudly to the receptionist that her benefits had been interrupted due to her recent incarceration and she was wondering if she could get them restored as soon as possible.

The next to come in was an overweight African American man who also informed the receptionist that he had lost benefits while serving time in the local maximum security facility. It seems the facility, upon his release, sent him to Mass Health with forms that would allow him to receive emergency benefits. Why? Because he's overweight and diabetic and therefore needs insulin.

Mixed in amongst these individuals were women who looked like they couldn't be much older than 25 asking if they could add their 15 year old daughter to their free health care plan. There were young men talking to their "boys" on cell phones that cost more than my rent payment. There were 12 year old girls also talking to their friends on their cell phones (Why does a 12 year old need a cell phone again?) about how they were going to leave the Mass Health office in a few minutes to go buy a new pair of $125 sneakers.

Every single one of these individuals was asked to produce a paystub to prove that they were making a salary that placed them below the poverty line, which is a requirement to receive the free health care. What did most of these high rollers with nicer wardrobes than mine answer? "Oh. I ain't workin' there no more. I ain't workin' at all."

And I felt guilty filing for unemployment.....


  1. I'm so happy to find a person that blogs from and about the same state as me.

    I can honestly say, everything you spoke about is FACT. I've seen it before and I'll see it again.

    The system should send them home if they don't have some sort of proof of their income over the past year. Do what the DMV does: You don't bring one of the items needs to get your new liscense, then you are sent home, and have to start again from scratch.

    Isn't life grand?

  2. I am disabled and find going to the welfare office the most humilitating experience in my life. You don't just get your insurance by stating something...every 6 months you are re-evaluated, have to give your life, your kids life, and anyone who happens even to be a roomate lifes details. Some yes, don't care, I agree, but it is not as simple as that. If you are NOT DISABLED you must at least try to work, there is a minimum of 20 hours of work required if you have a child over 2. These people are getting money from other sources, not welfare. Probably something illegal. I am not that type of person and work when I can but still fall behind. I was getting 300 a month in food stamps for my son and myself, it was taken away when his other parent had a major stroke and he got some money from that, but I don't see it. So, I have (since Obama's plan) about 90 bucks to eat for the month. I don't go out and all resources have dried up. There is not enough food for everyone, not enough money and I wonder where I will be living soon as I don't make enough to stay where I am...this is what it is really like to be on become a no one, a useless piece of exhistence, and people like you ridicule those of us who are legitimate. It will only get worse...the guilt and humiliation continues as part of disability and poverty. Remember this when you see those who "appear" to have money...most of us struggle to feed our children.

  3. But you're the type of person who actually deserves to be supported no matter what. The individuals I see most often in places like that are more than capable of working, are incredibly healthy, and don't seem to think twice about taking the benefits that SHOULD be going to someone like yourself. I can't imagine the difficulties you deal with on a daily basis and I wish that our state, our nation, would realize that there are people who are suffering while others are taking our system for all it's worth.