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Monday, August 3, 2009

Back in the 413

Yes folks, the epic move of the century is finally over and guess how many book boxes it took to contain my overflowing collection? SEVENTEEN! And that's not counting the 5 shelf bookcase I shoved into my childhood bedroom and the giant pile of magazines sitting on my floor that have yet to find a home.

All in all I'm happy to be home. While I dearly miss my independence already, I realize I missed my parents, my neighborhood, and my roots more. So while I continue to sweat my ass off putting stuff away, I have some good news!

I found myself a new job. Now I know I ranted and raved about not wanting to teach anymore after my last horrid experience, but it was all talk. I can't ever leave teaching, even if I was offered the most fantastic, dream-like photography job in the world. I love teaching. And this time around, I'll be at a brand new school with brand new kids who have actively chosen this school because they want an outstanding education. Maybe this time I'll get my wish and actually get to teach! I'll keep you posted!


  1. Tell us about the job!

  2. I'm the complete opposite of you. If someone offered my dream job of photography, I would take it in a hearbeat.

    Congrats though and living with your parents isn't that bad. Just remember to be in by 10pm every night and you'll be fine! :P