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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Benchley...Or Else!

To answer your question Mom, this will be my first time in a charter school and I have to say, I'm hoping to answer that question fairly quickly. I've heard from many that the special education services at charter schools are drastically different due to the differences in philosophies toward education. Now obviously I'm not exactly pro-public school after this last experience so I'm looking forward to seeing a different side of special ed.

What strikes me most about the principal of this particular school is that he believes in "college prep for all". The school is obviously centered on a high caliber education that will direct its students to good colleges but it's a breath of fresh air to have a principal who feels this should also apply to students on IEP's. He also believes that the ultimate goal is to tailor IEP's to the point where it either fits the student perfectly and allows them to succeed regardless of the environment OR the student succeeds to the point where the IEP is no longer necessary. Sounds perfect doesn't it?

On another note, everyone knows by now that I'm the biggest book nerd in the world. By the time I was done packing I had managed to fill 17 climate controlled boxes with books, not counting all the ones I managed to bring home with me and the ones still in the back of my father's minivan waiting to move into their new home at the charter school. Anyway, I picked up a biography of Dorothy Parker the other day, given that she is one of my favorite authors. I've flown through the first half of the book and decided it was time to pick up a few books by those who were her closest friends. Therefore I decided to check out Robert Benchley's book, "Benchley...Or Else". It's a collection of Benchley's short stories, some of which were originally published in the New Yorker when it was in its infancy. The very first story is about Benchley's hatred of pigeons in which he suggests he would like the opportunity to punch the daylights out of a pigeon. Much like Mrs. Parker, Benchley has an off beat, often self-depricating sense of humor that makes for easy reading and a few good giggles! I recommend you read both Benchley and Mrs. Parker. You'll quickly see where I get my penchant for literary lunacy!


  1. In my experience it's a breath of fresh air just to have a Principal who understands what an IEP even is. Mine has been using my son's as her way of learning how it all works, so IEP meetings are mostly spent with her just asking questions and saying stupid things. "What is a visual schedule?" and "How would you modify the curriculum in order to fit that need?" Shouldn't she already know that? But I digress.....

  2. Benchley sounds right up my alley. I would also love to punch one of those suckers square in the beak. They're like the rats of birds.

    I never understood what Bert's fascination was with those dirty things.