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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week 1? DONE!

So week one is over and we've had 5 long days of orientation. Today I finally got to move some of my things into my classroom including my JFK poster and a painting from my great uncle.

This morning did not exactly start out well however. I'm not a morning person in any way, shape, or form so getting up and getting going takes a whole lot of effort and I suck at being on time. Therefore I generally plan to be at least 20 minutes early everywhere I go so that if I wind up late, I'm still early. This morning I was running late no matter which way you look at it. I ran out the door with crazy frizzy hair and no makeup, searching for my keys as I stumbled down the front stairs. Every horrible driver in the world was on the road this morning dragging me down even farther. When I finally got to work I went to pull my bags out of the van and knocked my beautiful, expensive camera out of the van and onto my bare toe that was sticking out of my flip flop. I started gushing blood immediately but when I got inside found that I didn't have any BandAids. I managed to get a BandAid from the nurse but my feet were already so sweaty that the BandAid wouldn't stick so I spent the entire day with a bloody foot.

Today was a professional development, prep type day so I went down to the art room with the English department and the art teacher. I had a little time to kill before I had a meeting with the Special Ed consultant so I helped move a few tables. And consequently knocked my purse down where it landed squarely on my blood soaked toe.

That ended my injurious streak for the day thankfully (the hurtin' generally comes in 3's). I sat with the Special Ed consultant for about an hour, wolfed down lunch, and tried to empty my van into my classroom. Not so much. I realized halfway through that I was sweating so bad it was creating rings around my blouse like an oak tree. I also realized that the 3 giant boxes I had packed most of the important stuff in are too heavy for me to get out. Thanks E. for putting the boxes in the van. And not telling me they were super heavy!

I was however incredibly bored by the end of the day since I had no curriculum to plan, nothing more to unpack, and no files to go through. I had also managed to spill an entire container of thumbtacks on the floor and knock down an entire shelf full of books. Thank God it was Friday and tomorrow morning is Teacher Appreciation Day at STAPLES!!! Someone up there loves me!

Oh and P. S..... I'm finally getting off my ass and applying for my doctorate. Yeah, pound it...


  1. Congrats on getting the first week done with. I think you're going to have a good time, even when you bleed.

    Oh and another congrats on going for your doctorate. Meanwhile, I still search for my answer.

  2. I'm wincing just reading this -- I'm glad your streak of injuries finally came to an end! :O That's really cool you're applying for a doctorate -- what are you thinking about getting it in? I'm thinking about going back to school to become a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant in a year or two.