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Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Sometimes I just get so jacked up about American Lit that I have to say....F*&K"

Where on earth do I begin?

Well, in general I would rather not get fired for bitching about my job therefore I will refer to my plight obliquely and subtly.

I applied for a job at McDonald's today. No not really but that subtly suggests how I feel about my present circumstances, yes? I also paid a small child to pinch me every 3 minutes for 8 hours. Also not true but a great representation of what I would RATHER be doing.

Is it possible that one individual could make so many asinine career moves in such a short span of time? Apparently I'm living proof that yes, one can.

So I screw on a smile and enjoy the time with the kids because, as most teachers will acknowledge, it's not the kids who cause the stress and aggravation. Subtlety is obviously not one of my many talents after all...

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