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Monday, November 9, 2009

And Now it Turns to Anger

Reading everyone's comments has made me realize just how angry I really am about this entire situation. Today one of the English teachers did me a solid and told each and every one of her classes that Miss Paste would not be back because the administration was not able to remove their heads from their asses long enough to realize that firing her was a bad move. I believe now the hope is that the kids will take it to the administration. Some of the kids have already sworn to me that they plan to sit in the hallways and do nothing. God bless social consciousness in rebellious teenagers.

I do plan on writing a letter to the Department of Education. I do plan on contacting the labor department. I do plan on making their life miserable. The same English teacher also plans to encourage her students to write a petition to revisit the hiring and firing process.

Mom, you're right. These kids crave stability. One of my special ed girls sat in her seat and said over and over, "I'm going to cry. I'm going to cry." Another of my students literally, physically stumbled when he was told I was fired and said it wasn't possible. Yet another said that if any of the other teachers were punished he was getting the f*&k out no matter what he had to do. Now what?


  1. I'm so sorry. Believe me though--just move on. Ask mom.

  2. Yes! Ask me.

  3. Now? Now you pour yourself a tall glass of whatever your poison is, sit back on your couch, and take a mental vacation for 30 minutes. It works wonders.