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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coming Up For Air

Sorry all but I needed a mental health weekend. Or a lack of mental health weekend. Not sure which. I've had a lot to think about and a lot of anger to channel so I went out to Central Mass to hang out with a good friend and one of my former students from last year. I then went to a bar in Worcester and got smashingly drunk and ran into someone from high school. Go figure.

Meanwhile back at the ranch... I called a lawyer. I called an advocacy group. I called the Office of Civil Rights. I wrote a letter to the Massachusetts Department of Education Charter School Board. I wrote letters to the Massachusetts Public Charter School Association. I called a number of parents and they too are calling these same agencies and complaining.

Anyone for a letter writing campaign?

Oh and in other news... I have poison something or other. All over my arm. Go me.

Question of the day however: I interviewed two very notable figures in disability advocacy. Does anyone want me to share some of the interviews here on the site?

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  1. I'll write a letter for you! Do you think they'll care about what some random chick in California has to say? Actually, even my own district doesn't care what I, or any parent, has to say. But I'll still write it.

    And YES, I would like to hear from the notable disability advocates that you intervied, although I voted "only if they're as funny as you are."