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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book 'Em...

Sorry for disappearing from the blogosphere yet again. Aside from being unemployable, I have been busy researching my third book, but more of that later.

Last Monday I met with a high priced Boston area law firm. They have kindly agreed to take on the case of Paste vs. Crappy Charter School. I believe the term they used most frequently was "egregious".

The long and the short is I'm going to sue this school until they do what's right by my students. Just so that everyone out there is aware, charter school oversight doesn't stop with the Department of Education. That also goes for regular public schools. Any school really that receives federal funding for Special Education. Why am I telling you this? Because the joy of being a rabid dog chasing down a juicy bone like this one is that I didn't stop at simply filing suit. I also complained to the Office of Civil Rights. When most people think about special education, they think about kids with problems reading or kids with behavior problems. They rarely think about the fact that part of our nation's Civil Rights Movement (which spanned decades and set our nation on fire) also included the disabled and helped close down our state school system which in turn helped develop our nation's plan for serving individuals with any kind of disability whatsoever. So Crappy Charter School will not only be served for a suit but will also be investigated for violating the civil rights of its special education students. Whose proud of Paste?