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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paranormal State...of Mind?

I have had the most unproductive day ever. I woke up pretty achey, still stressed out from the week that failed miserably. I stayed in bed and finished reading Mystic River, watched a little Veronica Mars, and communed with my cats.

I haven't had a camera for a couple of weeks now. My battery died on my last shooting expedition and when I got home to plug it in and charge it, I discovered the charger was dead too. Of course I could just buy a new one but I had just laid out $1200 to get my car to pass inspection so I was a little light on cash. I sat down and wrote a couple articles for Associated Content and waited patiently for them to offer me my peanuts in exchange for my brilliant insight. I then ordered a new charger from EBay and waited almost two weeks for it come in. When it finally got here, I literally ran upstairs, grabbed the battery, shoved it in the charger, and plugged that little miracle worker in. Of course 5 minutes elapse and my friend Dan and I hear a pop.

Me: Was that....? 
(Dan leans over the kitchen table to look at the outlet where I plugged in the charger.)
Dan: Yup. That was your charger exploding.

Needless to say I immediately marched into the living room to grab my dad's laptop (mine was too far away) and got on EBay to write a nasty note to Hong Kong, even though from the looks of the reply I got they understood little to nothing I had written, while the charger sat on my kitchen table, belching smoke.

Luckily, I cried. Therefor my mother took pity on me and lent me the money to order both a new charger AND a new battery.

At the same time this week my hard drive crashed. My hard drive which contains pretty much every photograph I have ever taken, the complete manuscript to my first book, and my entire music library. That was meltdown number two. I feel like someone has removed my hands. Now what the hell do I do with myself?

Oh yeah. I have a blog.....


  1. Don't just buy a replacement drive, buy an extra, external, USB drive and backup regularly!!!

  2. Hey whadda ya're like the 100th person to suggest that! I feel like the biggest idiot in the world for having only my external to back things up. The guy who is fixing it for me is putting everything on a new hard drive and then I plan on backing my photos up on an online storage service. I will now go sit in my corner...

  3. You need a hug!


    ::pinch bum::

    ::run away::

  4. But HEY, you have a blog! And all these sarcastic, unhelpful people to make you feel better. Or some kind of feeling that might not necessarily be "better," but is probably different enough to distract you.

    HA HA, that dude totally pinched your ass! *giggle*