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Friday, May 11, 2012

He's not on Angie's list...

The other day when we demo'd the other bedroom, you know how I mentioned it was a breeding ground for mold? I may have exaggerated a bit but the insulation was definitely black instead of pink. People, we pulled this insulation out for a reason. It had been pinned up against the roof for decades, collecting moisture and acting as an impromptu petri dish. We yanked it all out to stop the spread of black lung.

Not a day later I looked out the Door to Nowhere (yes, we have a Door to Nowhere, just like the Winchester Mystery House) and there was a pickup truck parked next to our dumpster. There's an old guy who eats at the restaurant next door every day at the same time and one afternoon he came over and asked if he could dump some things in our dumpster. Of course Bruce said yes, then asked him what he did for work. He told us that he does odd jobs like drywall and plastering. Both our eyes lit up when he said that since we're both tired of mudding and sanding our shitty, wavy walls. Bruce asked him if he'd be willing to come up and take a look at our drywall to see if he'd be willing to do the rest of the finish work.

To make a long story short, here's my text message to Bruce from the other day:

Me: So not letting old guy in house.
Bruce: Why?
Me: Let's just say, insulation is gone from dumpster.
Bruce: What?
Me: Old guy took it out of dumpster. Eww.
Bruce: He what? That shit was moldy. He's not doing work on house.
Me: What's he going to do with moldy insulation?
Bruce: Don't want to think about it. Tell everyone, don't hire old guy.

I'm guessing he's not on Angie's list...

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