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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Over the Beagle Limit


Daisy usually likes having her picture taken but, like Bruce, she does NOT like having her sleep disturbed. Especially if it's just so I can blind her with the flash. She has been my victim ever since I got my new camera and she's tired of the "momarazzi".

So like I said, the vet tells me she has an anxiety disorder. I did indeed tell him it was probably some sort of puppy PTSD, or Beagle Bipolar. Hehehe. But it goes so far beyond that with this dog. She's dumb. In fact, she's a complete moron. I have never before met a dog that can fall up the same three stairs every day no matter what. Up the stairs, mind you. Today she went to get out of Bruce's new truck and snout planted on the driveway. Right now she has a giant sticky spot of barbecue sauce on her noggin from a rib I tossed to her. Needless to say she can't catch.

Daisy also has this terrible habit of dumpster diving. Well not actually dumpster diving because our dumpster is far too tall for her to get into. Though I do see her eyeing it occasionally like she'd really like to try scaling it. But she does go through every other trash container in the house including the one in the bathroom. She's a crafty little pooch. The can in the bathroom has a pedal, a vintage beauty can from about 1950. I assumed that because it was stainless steel and had a pedal that she wouldn't be able to get into it. She can't figure out how to climb stairs but she sure as hell figured out how to open the trash can! And if she finds something really yummy in the trash, she likes to take it in the bedroom and roll on it. On the bed. And she prefers...ahem..unmentionables.

In spite of the fact that she currently reeks of garbage, pee, and just general dirty dog, she has decided that she loves me and I love her back. Since Bruce works days and I teach at night, Daisy and I get a lot of quality time during the day. Basically we're left alone together far too often. Note the orange claws. They were lavendar last week.


  1. No wonder she likes you... Can't climb up stairs, but can drive a car in ice skates....

  2. Now I'm picturing my dog driving a car wearing ice skates.