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Saturday, May 5, 2012

What fresh hell is this...


This is today's project. Eventually this room will be Bruce's man cave but for now it's a breeding ground for mold. It's also apparently the room where coolers go to die since we found three of them in there, none of which belong to us.


Daisy was not at all pleased that we were once again moving her dirt. The vet tells me that she's got an anxiety disorder. I told him it's probably puppy PTSD from the number of times we've dropped construction materials on her because she refuses to wear a hard hat.

So the goal today was to rip out the remaining drywall and the nasty, moldy pink insulation which was going quite smoothly until Bruce pulled down a strip of insulation and found this:


And yes, it's live. So Bruce goes to get his little magic wand that tests the wires. Not only is that random mess of wires live but so is the electrical outlet we found buried behind the drywall on the opposite side of the room.


Bruce calls this his concerned face. Obviously he's far more used to this than I am. I'm all hyperventilaty like, "We almost died in a fire!" And since we watch way too much Holmes on Homes, I yelled, "That is SO not up to code!"

Bruce then decided we should cut the power to the room before we finished the demo since I have a bad habit of hurting myself while working on the house and I'm thinking he was picturing me accidentally jamming the crowbar into a live wire and just...yeesh.

There's a nice handy electrical breaker in the garage that's labeled "Room Above Garage" so Bruce ran down to trip the breaker. The funny part of this is that none of the four breakers actually turned the bedroom off. After a bit of finkling around (yes, that's a real word. Because I said so.)it was determined that the breaker that actually turned off the bedroom was the breaker for our bathroom...all the way across the hall...which we also discovered powers our hallway light in the stairwell. And the outlet in the garage that the compressor is plugged into. Oops. So basically our shitter was powering the air tools. Who says you can't power machines with methane?
Bruce: You've got to be kidding me. You've got to be kidding me!
Me: Honey, have you met this house? It's so not kidding.
So while Bruce continued to mutter about "what kind of idiots pull this shit when building a house", I went downstairs and threw the giant pile of garbage in the dumpster. At least now we won't die in a fire.


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